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Beyond a deeper professional or technical knowledge, graduates with a University of Florida master’s degree in Global Strategic Communication distinguish themselves by acquiring broader critical thinking abilities, higher levels of creativity, stronger communication, leadership and business acumen. 

The interdependent nature of global business, society and the world in general reinforces the need for these market-ready professionals.  As technology makes the world increasingly interdependent, the role of strategic communication professionals is about ensuring that all communications, decisions and behaviors reflect an employer’s true character in order to build trust with stakeholders across cultures and geography.

Today, a UF master’s degree in Global Strategic Communications has emerged as a key professional credential preferred by multinational employers.

Why Earn a Master’s Degree from UF?


University of Florida is ranked one of the top Master of Arts in Mass Communication programs in the nation by Super Scholar. U.S. News & World Report called our distance education program a top performer in online degree programs.


U.S. News & World Report called our distance education program a top performer in online degree programs.


UF alumni include two Nobel Prize winners, eight NASA astronauts, 10 U.S. Senators, 42 U.S. Representatives, eight U.S. ambassadors, 11 state governors, 11 state Supreme Court justices, and over 50 federal court judges.


University of Florida is ranked No. 2 by SmartMoney for tuition-to-graduate-salary value. The University’s mission is to provide high-quality education at the best value for students, so our tuition rates are low compared to other programs with similar focuses.


Join a family of more than 360,000 alumni, residing in every state and more than 100 foreign countries.


With our special Master Access feature, ensure that your degree never goes out of date. Observe courses in all of our MAMC specializations for years to come, helping you stay on the leading edge of communications.

“The Global Strategic Communication program at UF is a challenging, enjoyable, rewarding program that changed my perspective on communication. The courses kept my brains working, the class discussions forced me to see different views and best of all I was able to share my cultural experiences.”

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